Charlie, registered name of "When in Doubt", is a 5 year old Thoroughbred who never raced (too slow).
He is chestnut in colour and stands about 16.3hh. He is quite a character and definitely acts his age at times.
He loves to drink from the hose; hates bugs; and is extremely food oriented.
He will be Megan's hunter show horse after getting some training from our awesome coach, Carole.
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  • Megan testing riding Charlie at the farm we bought him from


    Testing Charlie
  • Charlie & Megan at Greyden before he came home


    Charlie and Megan at Greyden
  • Charlie must have thought his first cross-country jump was HUGE


    Don't mind Carole's position... no one was expecting him to jump so high... took us all by surprise. But she stuck it!

    Charlie's deer jump
  • Charlie in his stall at home


  • Charlie with Megan's friend Cali


    Charlie & Cali
  • Charlie watching Ellie roll and waiting for his turn


    Ellie rolling
  • And then it was his turn.. he loves rolling in the dirt


    Charlie rolling
  • Time to leave the leisure of the paddock and do some work


    Charlie leaving paddock
  • Carole working with Charlie


    Charlie & Carole
  • Aren't I handsome? :-)


    Charlie in the cross ties

Also, click here to see a video of the crazy boy playing with his Jolly ball in the paddock.

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