BlueBlue is Randy's new trail horse. He is an 11 year old Spotted Saddle Horse that stands about 15.1.

Blue is a quiet boy who loves attention and shys away from any drama. He has a lot of white on him which makes for some serious elbow grease when he gets a bath.

Randy is enjoying his new horse and learning more about him each day. As a gaited horse, he moves differently than we are used to but apparently the ride is incredibly smooth (which is what Randy was looking for since he was getting a sore back when trail riding on other horses).

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CocoCoco is Megan's new pony. She is almost 3 years old and is a Welsh cross. Currently she stands about 11.3 and may finish at about 12.1.

Megan has been asking for a pony for a long time now. Her goal is to train Coco in hunter and then hopefully show her. We may call her "Chocolate Souffle" for her show name but that is a while away.

Coco has lots of energy and very few manners :-) but i guess that is to be expected for a baby. Megan is excited to work with her and see her come along.

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EllieLexie came into our animal loving family in 2011. She is about 3 years old and is a long hair dashchund/terrier mix of some kind. We adopted her from the Orangeville SPCA and I think she is really happy in her new home.

Lexie is definitely a lap dog. Almost any time someone sits down, she is eyeing them to see if their lap will meet her standards...LOL

She loves to play and her favourite toy used to be her tennis ball but now loves any toy that squeaks. She does everything she can to try and get the squeker out. And fast! Wow her little legs move at mach speed when she is chasing her ball across the living room.

She loves the horses and going on her daily hike with Randy. She is entertainment plus, that's for sure. Everytime a dog (real or cartoon) or other animal comes on TV, she barks at them. It sometimes makes it hard to watch a show and hear what is happening over her barking.

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BradyBrandy came into our family in July 2012. She is a rescue dog who has stolen our hearts.

We aren't positive on her breed but think she is a Jack Russell mixed with maybe a Doberman or Rottweiller (she has the colouring of those breeds and she pinches when she play bites). She is definitely JR though with springs for legs.

It took a while for Brandy to adjust but now she is very happy and is best buds with Lexie. They playfight at least 10 times a day... crazy nutty fighting and running around. She loves squeaky toys and will sit there and bite down repeatedly on one squeaking away... very annoying actually :-)

She is slowly getting trained on staying close by and not chasing the horses or barn cats.

She's a wonderful addition to our family!

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Gizmo & Stitch

HaleyWe have two new cuties in the barn... Gizmo (the grey & white one) and Stitch (the black & white one). These two brothers were abondoned and you know how we are about strays :-)

They live in our barn and are such happy boys. Always wanting to play ... especially with Lexie. In fact, they are bigger than her right now so Lexie is always looking to be saved by whoever is in the barn :-)

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Shadow (gone but forever in our hearts)

ShadowShadow is our wonderful family dog. We got Shadow when our daughter was about 4 years old when she was a 6 week old puppy. She was part of a litter of about 12 and was the cutest one in the bunch. We fell in love with her colouring.

The people we got her from (near Shelburne, Ontario) told us that she is part Australian Sheperd and part Collie and part German Sheperd. In other words, she is a little mix of everything and definitley has the traits of a Shepherd and Collie.

Shadow is the best dog we have ever had. She is wonderful with kids and other dogs and we have never seen her bite anyone or anything (except when she is play biting). She used to love chasing tennis balls and frisbees but would rather you go get anything thrown for her now...LOL She has a couple of annoyances... she sheds more than I would like and she barks when someone LEAVES the house :-)

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Haley (gone but not forgotten!)

HaleyHaley is our old guy who thinks the couch is his. I got Haley when I was still single so he is around 20 years old now. He has moved with us from place to place over the years and has always made a place somewhere in the house that is just his.

In this house, he thinks behind Randy's computer under the desk is his private spot. He also thinks that the living room couch is his and he needs to sit in exactly in the middle or whenever the warm spot is when you get up (every time!).

Haley is a big fan of Whiska Temptations. Have you seen the commercials where the cat comes flying to get some Temptations? Well, that is Haley. We even video taped it and will add it here shortly.

Haley loves Shadow except when she walks by him with her tail wagging... WHACK! LOL

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