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Who is the person behind the ramblings?

I’ve been a wife for 17 years, a mother for 14 years, and a small business owner for 11 years. During all those years I have had some experiences that I wish I had written down so I could go back and revisit those events today and in the future. It’s a lot of fun (usually) to remember back on certains times in our lives and either gringe or giggle.

I have also been an admirer of horses since I was a little girl and for the past 5 years have been directly involved with them. My daughter has been taking lessons to work her way up the hunter/jumper ladder and now we have a little farm and a couple of horses. There seems to never be a dull moment now that we are horse owners… always something on the go and experiences to remember.

And why put those ramblings into a blog?

So, that is just what I want to do… I want to remember some of these interesting moments and I want to share it with others. I imagine a lot of people will relate to some of what I have and will go through.

But, this blog is not just for┬ámy ramblings of my everyday happenings… I want this blog to be interactive. I want to hear your experiences too. If a story rings a bell, feel free to let me know how something similar happened to you or how you solved a similar dilema.

I would also love to share your articles on horsey topics. I hope to build up a resource with information on various topics relating to horses and all things equine. So, articles and link exchanges are welcome.

I hope you find my diary both enjoyable and resourceful and hope you will share it with others. Each of the posts will have icons to allow you to share on many of the social networking site accounts.

I also hope you will either subscribe to our RSS feed or our email alerts.

Thanks for stopping by and I am looking forward to creating a great community for horse-minded people.


Janice Byer
A Talkative Horse Mom

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