DSCN4539-smNovember 21, 2010 – What a week! Most of it sucked big time but it ended off pretty darn great. And don’t get me started on this weather… up and down… sheesh. I wish it would make up its mind and I hope it votes for mild :-). These brr cold days I can definitely do without. Everyone is all bundled when riding these days … even the horses have thick winter coats on. (shhh… don’t tell them but they are getting a shave this week :-)).

So I spent most of the week feeling like c**p! Not sure if it is the barometric pressure or what but Tuesday and Wednesday I felt like a truck hit me or something… no motivation or energy; sick to my stomach; etc. But Thursday was great and I thought “phew… glad that’s over”. But apparently it just took a bit of a hiatus because since Friday I have been having terrible headaches. Thank goodness for a good dose of Tylenol or I wouldn’t have gotten up off the couch for the last several days 🙂

And then, to add to the stress, we had a bit of a scare with my dad on Friday. He was taken to the hospital with left sided weakness and a terrible headache. Let me tell you… it scared me. He’s my “daddy” and just can’t imagine him (or my mom) in any kind of pain. It is just too frightening. But thankfully everything turned out okay. He did have a stroke but only a “mini stroke” and there should be no lasting effects. However, he does need to now take medication and will be attending a stroke clinic to learn more about what happened to him and how he can spot the signs in the future. Apparently they aren’t always as obvious as what we have been taught (numbness, slurred speech, etc.).

(Small rant… what the heck is up with the hospital ER he went to? He got there, by ambulance, around 2 in the afternoon but didn’t get out of there until around 2:30 am. In fact he didn’t even see a doctor til close to midnight. Come on people!?! I know everyone wants to be seen first but come on!!!! He’s an older gentleman who came in by ambulance with signs of a stroke. Sheesh!!! )

DSCN4455-smRemember that Tylenol I mentioned above? Well, it definitely made it possible for me to have a great time at the Tottenham Equestrian year end banquet on Saturday! It was wonderful to hang out with the ladies (and Eric…LOL) and daughters (and Dylan). Lots of laughter, food, dancing and awards. I took some pictures that you can see on my Facebook fanpage. I imagine a lot of the ladies are happy my camera battery died before the dancing started. We may not have the latest moves but it was so much fun. And by the looks that we were getting from our daughters, its probably a good thing that we don’t dance in public  too often. But who cares… we had a great time and no one made a total fool of themselves :-). It was a great end to a fun and successful show season for everyone!

To close out the week, on Sunday we trailered Buddy and Belle over to the arena we have been using for the last few weeks and it was another great ride. Even though I was freezing my petutie off, the kids and horses were sweating and everyone had a great ride.

Coming up this week, the horses will be getting a shave. They may end up looking a little strange (as most do in the winter when half their coat is shaved off) but at least there won’t be the worry of over heating and then over chilling in the winter months.

Time to finish watching the AMAs and off to bed. Fingers crossed I don’t have a headache tomorrow 🙂

See ya next time!

About the Author
Janice Byer is the mom of a teenage equestrian jumper, a horse lover and rider, and a successful entrepreneur. She and her family own a small hobby farm, Shady Ridge Farm (http://www.shadyridgefarm.ca) in Orangeville, Ontario where their two horses enjoy a lovely new barn and all the hay they can eat. As mentioned, she is also a successful web designer and specializes in helping other horse oriented businesses to get an eye-catching, customer-grabbing website or blog. Visit Equine Web Design at http://www.equinewebdesign.ca for more information.

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