smiles-smJuly 26, 2010 – It has been one of those weeks where so much has happened and all of it has me in a great mood. From launching a new client website to  new things happening around the  farm and with the horses to winning an award… it’s been a week of feel good emotions (or maybe it is just the lack of sleep from yet another early horse show morning). And, how can you not smile when you see kids having such a great time with their horse (Belle makes a great backscratcher :-))

rjb2010-smFirst, I am happy to announce the launch of yet another client’s website. Ok… maybe my husband isn’t actually a client since no money or  services were exchanged and it isn’t an equine related site but it is a new website in my portfolio and I really like it and so does he. I invite you to have a look at it by clicking on this screenshot.

Second, remember last week I told you that we have a bunch of new projects on the go here at Shady Ridge? Well, if you know my hubby, projects can sometimes get started and then take a LONG time to get completed… that is just the way he works here at home…LOL

SAM_1152-smI have to applaud him this week though… he started a couple of the projects and they are coming along nicely. He started the trail through our woods so we could go for hacks. The problem, as I mentioned before, is that we have the Humber river running through our property so we have a large swampy area that is pretty much impassable on foot or horseback. I suppose we could walk through it with the horses but we would take the chance of Charlie’s shoes getting sucked off in the mud. So, hubby is trying to make a path over some of that swampiness and then he will be building a bridge over the main river. It may take a while but he has made a good start.

SAM_1237-smI also mentioned last week that we will be building a new paddock. Well, the poles came on Saturday so Randy spent Sunday drilling holes and I helped him when we got back from the horse show. He is about 3/4 of the way done with the poles and then the boards will need to be put on so we may have the new paddock within a week or two. The horses will love it as the grass is growing wonderfully there. It will also give us a chance to clean up the first paddock of weeds and reseed it so that it will grow better grass. We plan to slowly integrate them into the new paddock as the grass is so much better and we don’t want any founder or colic happening.

Just had a thought… these projects are probably getting done faster than some others as he gets to boogie around in his tractor to do them (he loves that thing! :-)). But, he also finally put the sliding patio door into our bedroom this week too. We have had that door sitting on our front porch for over a year now and this week he suddenly decided to put it in. The tools and window coverings are still sitting on the floor of our bedroom (and will probably be there a while) but at least the patio door is finally in and I took my first steps out on the deck for the first since moving into this house in November 2008 (the old door was actually sealed shut before because flies and air were coming in through them). Randy has had a really busy and productive week.

It has also been a great week for the horses. We did lessons with Charlie in the mornings this past week and he was awesome. He seems to be responding to the new bit very well and isn’t pulling through the lines like he used to. Not to mention, it is cooler in the mornings so he is much happier to work in those conditions than when it is 30+ with a humidex.

So we decided to do the Tottenham horse show this past weekend. The girls, Megan, Harley & Sydney, did a lesson with Carole in the afternoon and everything went really well. Then it came time to prep the horses. First thing was to give them baths. Charlie was first and he loves getting a bath as long as he can graze while it’s happening. Then it was Bella’s turn and I must say, Carole and the girls are troopers. The skies opened up and it absolutely poured on them. It was coming down in buckets but they stuck with it and got Bella all cleaned up (wish I got a picture… it was quite a site). The horses were then put in their stalls to have a snack and dry off a bit and everyone else came into the house for some dinner and a change of clothes. Thank goodness I have some extra clothes from cleaning out our drawers so everyone got to put on dry clothes. We had a bite to eat while the sun decided to come back out.

Sunday was show day and it was a beautiful day. The temperatures were actually a little chilly first thing in the morning but it warmed up nicely and didn’t get too hot. Charlie was a super good boy when he got off the trailer but once he was tacked up, he started to get antsy. The warm-up area is on grass at the show and unfortunately it was wet and slippy which did not go over well with Charlie. He has this thing about footing (as you know) and I think he was scared that he might fall or something. He started doing little bucks and refusing to move so we decided to lunge him. We ran into one small hitch though… the lunge line end would not go through the loop in his new Pelham bit. It also wouldn’t go through his halter so we had to just clip it on one side of the bridle and Leila lunged him for about 10 minutes.

He seemed to settle down so Megan got back up on him and went into the sand ring to do some warming up. Even the sand rings were kind of sloppy from all of the rain the day before but at least he felt better about it and was trotting around without any problems.

SAM_1214-smWith some of the issues this young horse has been going through lately, Megan decided she wanted to take him back a step and she showed him in the Junior Horse division again for this show. He was a pretty good boy and he came out with a third and a fifth. He pulled Megan toward the in-gate while doing his over fences class but he did go through the entire course without a refusal or buck so we are very happy with him.We have definitely figured out that Charlie is a much different horse at shows than he is at home so more showing is in order to help him realize that things are not all that bad.

So, that was our week around here at Shady Ridge. It was a good week with a lot accomplished. Hope we have more of those on a regular basis. And today is a beautiful, sunny day and I wish I as outside (even being out there cleaning up the paddock would be better than stuck in the house) but alas I must get some work done.

circlebadge2Oh yeah… and finally, I posted last week about this but wanted to share again… Diary (or sometimes referred to as ramblings) of a Horse Mom has won a 2010 Top 45 Diaries Blog award. So exciting. I love to write and write about what is happening around here and now my blog has been recognized as one that is great to read. Thanks to my subscribers for nominating my blog and thanks to everyone who makes is such a success.

Have a great week everyone!

About the Author
Janice Byer is the mom of a teenage equestrian jumper, a horse lover and rider, and a successful entrepreneur. She and her family own a small hobby farm, Shady Ridge Farm ( in Orangeville, Ontario where their two horses enjoy a lovely new barn and all the hay they can eat. As mentioned, she is also a successful web designer and specializes in helping other horse oriented businesses to get an eye-catching, customer-grabbing website or blog. Visit Equine Web Design at for more information.

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