Writing this blog, as most of you know, is my way of sharing what is happening around our farm and in our horsie lives with others who can absolutely relate. I love to write and with so many great horses and friends & family members in my life, what better subject is there to write about? I am very open about what is happening around here, whether good or bad, and I imagine that is what makes this blog so successful and why people feel like they are here with us when they are reading Diary (or sometimes referred to as ramblings) of a Horse Mom. I also like to share other helpful articles and blog posts that would be beneficial to my readers. It is all a labour of love and I am just happy that I people are actually reading and enjoying it!

2010 Top 45 Diaries Blog Award Winner Well, imagine my surprise today when I got back from a nice lunch with hubby (thanks dear  :-)) and read my emails to find one that is informing me that I won a 2010 Top 45 Diaries Blog Award. Woohoo! So excited and appreciative to Awarding the Web for this awesome recognition and honour! I am humbled and giddy 🙂

And thank you to my readers for the nomination! You rock!

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