June 14, 2010 – Can you believe that the kids only have about 1 week of school left before they are off for the summer? Megan has this week of classes  and then next week has her exams. After that, she will be home for 2 months… 2 months of “drive me here”, “I’m bored”, and “can my friends sleep over”. But it will also give her the opportunity to work more with Charlie and perfect his love of jumping.

Ellie-jumpThe weather was a little wet last week but the girls got a chance to do some riding even if the ring was a little mushy. Megan spent time working with Charlie on his circling (he is not a big fan of turning and circling). She would circle him around to a jump and you could tell he wasn’t overly pleased coming in at an angle. Harley worked with Ellie on her jumping and she did some awesome jumps (although I think she thought the jumps were much higher :-)). She is quite the talented pony.

As you know, we are trying to get some mileage on Charlie when it comes to showing. He has only been to 2 shows so far so we want him to get out to more and teach him that they aren’t always scary. So,we took Charlie to the Rockwood Trailriders schooling show on Sunday. We didn’t take Ellie this time as it was more about getting him out there on his own than pinning. I, unfortunately, we not feeling well all weekend so Carole (she rocks!) came to help Megan prep Charlie on Saturday and then load him on Sunday to take him to the show. They got to the show really early so that they could deal with any of his anxieties, if he had any. Turns out he didn’t… he unloaded off the trailer (quickly) and was fine. They lunged him a little, just in case, and he was great.

It was a chilly, drizzly and foggy morning but the atmosphere at the show was very relaxed and friendly. Charlie likes this kind of atmosphere as he was super calm and looked great. Megan pinned 2nd on the flat in one of the equitation classes. They then pinned 3rd, 4th and 6th in the other classes. Charlie usually loves to jump and he never refuses however these jumps were a little foreboding to him as they were dark planks under the poles and we think that freaked him out a little as he stopped to take a look at several of them. There was also one jump right near the in-gate on a short stretch that he didn’t like the approach to so he decided to go around it the first time. But eventually he made it through and looked awesome doing it.

I have to say, I loved the judge at this show. She was in the ring during all the classes and understood that many of the horses were green (and some of the riders) so she allowed many of the riders who experienced difficulties to try again even if they were already eliminated. She was very forgiving and helped the riders gain confidence but getting them over any jumps that they may have refused. She even said to Megan that Charlie was a good boy and did better and better each time he went around. Thank you to that judge!

Other than that, it was a pretty quiet week last week but imagine it will get busier once the kids are out of school and demanding a little more attention 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

About the Author
Janice Byer is the mom of a teenage equestrian jumper, a horse lover and rider, and a successful entrepreneur. She and her family own a small hobby farm, Shady Ridge Farm (http://www.shadyridgefarm.ca) in Orangeville, Ontario where their two horses enjoy a lovely new barn and all the hay they can eat. As mentioned, she is also a successful web designer and specializes in helping other horse oriented businesses to get an eye-catching, customer-grabbing website or blog. Visit Equine Web Design at http://www.equinewebdesign.ca for more information.

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