IMG_2080-smJune 7, 2010 – It has been a really hot spring here in southern Ontario but last week we finally got some rain and the grass and plants are loving it.ย  I am not so sure that the horses like it. There are no bugs biting them when it’s raining but do they like to stand out there with the rain soaking them? I imagine that when the temperatures are high, they welcome the rain but what about other times? To me, they just don’t look like they are enjoying it.

Speaking of the temperatures, they have cooled down for the time being. It is a welcome change from the sweltering heat but they (they being the weather guys) are saying that the heat will come back again by the weekend, just in time for the next horse show (why does it seem that it is always baking hot during horse shows :-)).

IMG_2071-smThis past week has been pretty quiet. We were so pleased with the horses and their efforts at the Tottenham show that we let them have a few days off to just chill out in the paddock. They did have to come in early a couple of times because there was the threat of bad thunderstorms but other than that, they enjoyed just hanging out with each other eating hay and grass. One thing about all those rainy days, once it all passes and seems to be clearing, it produces the most beautiful sunsets.ย  (I love to take pictures of the sunsets from my living room window… be sure to take a look at my small gallery of some spectacular sunsets… I love the view from our house.)

Anyone want to donate a brand new camera to me? ๐Ÿ™‚ I love to take pictures but my camera is several years old and showing its age. I would love to have a new camera to take better pictures of the horses and other things. My one requirement… I want one that I will actually get a shot of a horse in perfect position going over a jump! For some reason, I am the worst at taking action pictures and I either get the shot of an empty jump or they are already over. It’s very annoying. If anyone has any tips for getting that perfect shot on an old 5 megapixel camera, I’d love to hear it.

Ok… back to horsey stuff. Randy and I went for a lesson on Wednesday and he bought a coffee for Carole on the way. This was his way of bribing Carole…LOL He would only give her the coffee if we could go on a hack instead of having a lesson. She agreed as it was such a beautiful day. We had a great ride. Randy was behind me on Johnny when we got to the open field when I decided to canter. Ooops… Johnny tried to keep up and poor Randy was not ready for that and had not cantered before. Thankfully he didn’t come off. Carole then got up in front of him and worked with him on his trot and such… I got to go canter off…LOL If was a great day and ride.

Carole came for the girls’ lesson on Saturday. It turned out to be a great day and all the horses did well. Ellie was a little stiff at the beginning (that’s what happens when she doesn’t work for a few days) but she warmed up and did great. Charlie was a little pully but in the end, he jumped a 3 foot jump without hesitation. The girls all switched up horses at the end so they could get a feeling of another horse.

Sydney-Belle-smThen Carole’s daughter, Sydney, got up on Belle and did a little walk trot. Last week she accidentally got Belle into a canter so this week she decided that it wasn’t so bad so she got her to canter again. Belle just seems to know the level of her rider and she was very good… not too fast and listened (mostly) to Sydney’s little legs. Then Carole asked Sydney if she wanted to do a little jump. She looked a little worried at first as she has never jumped Belle but after the first one, she seemed to be enjoying it so she jumped her a couple more times (actually, I made her jump more because I couldn’t get the right picture taken… see, I am lousy at taking picture of jumping horses…LOL). She is a great little jumper!

And… Charlie lost a shoe again. Arrgghh! That boy and his shoes… sheesh! We decided to get him a supplement to help strengthen his shoes. In fact we also decided to get a supplement for poor Ellie’s older bones. Hope they both help.

That’s about it for this week. We are gearing up for another show this coming weekend in Rockwood. We will only be taking Charlie this time to try and get some show miles on him and to see if he will be any less loopy at this show than the last one. It’s all about getting him out and used to being a show horse ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great week everyone!

About the Author
Janice Byer is the mom of a teenage equestrian jumper, a horse lover and rider, and a successful entrepreneur. She and her family own a small hobby farm, Shady Ridge Farm ( in Orangeville, Ontario where their two horses enjoy a lovely new barn and all the hay they can eat. As mentioned, she is also a successful web designer and specializes in helping other horse oriented businesses to get an eye-catching, customer-grabbing website or blog. Visit Equine Web Design at for more information.

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