May 17, 2010 – We started off this past week on the right foot and it just got better and better. One of those weeks where there were lots of smiles plus horses and kids that make you so proud. And friends that you can’t thank enough for all the help and everything they do!

Megan-Charlie-tinyFirst and foremost, Charlie Trailer Training Update… Charlie finally got on to a trailer last Monday and went for a little ride. Sandra (again… thank you, thank you!) brought her bigger trailer by so we could see if Charlie would get on. It took a little bit of coaxing but he eventually he was on far enough for the butt bar to be put up. When he realized it was there, he jumped around for a few minutes but Randy stayed by his head and calmed him down. Then the ramp went up and he was breathing heavy but we closed it all up and Sandra, Carole and Randy took him for a ride around the block (which is actually about a 10 minute ride…LOL) When he got back, he came off pretty quickly and was very sweaty. We were jumping up and down excited for the success.

That same day, as the girls were having a lesson with Carole, Ellie did flying lead changes for the first time that we’ve seen. Harley said she barely had to ask and she did them… both ways ๐Ÿ™‚

The girls rode again on Wednesday evening and love putting together their little courses. Bella, Charlie and Ellie (along with Laura, Megan and Harley) did great. They even set up a 2’3″ oxer and we were all lovin’ it when Ellie jumped it without any problem. It was great.

So… then came the weekend of the first horse of the season and we were determined to get Charlie and Ellie there. It was held at Greyden Equestrian Centre (where we ride) so we had prearranged with Denise to bring in the horses on Saturday and keep them in stalls overnight for the show on Sunday. We also arranged to have Sandra come back with her trailer. To be honest, I was really worried that they wouldn’t get on the trailer no matter if it was ours or hers. She backed the trailer in up to the barn door (beautifully, I might add :-)) so there wouldn’t be anywhere for them to swing to the sides.

Ellie was the easy one to get on. She started going up… Carole put a lunge line behind her and just barely touched her and up she went. Charlie on the other hand took a little longer. Randy tried the feed bucket for about 30 minutes while Harley kept talking to Ellie. By this time, though, our patience was wearing thin so Sandra got a hold of the lead line while Carole put the lunge line behind him and within 2 minutes, he was up on the trailer and we were off to Greyden.

We let them settle down a little bit in stalls across from each other and they did pretty well. After we had a bite to eat, the girls tacked them up and headed down to the outdoor arena. They walked around for a bit and seemed to be doing fine. They even did a little trotting and all looked great. But then some of the other riders came down to ride and Charlie started to act up. Every time Harley would move Ellie away from Charlie, he would try to get to her by scooting sideways and doing his little rodeo bucks.

Carole took Charlie up to the dressage ring to lunge him and get some of the sillies out of him. He whinnied right from the get go. He was calling out to her. Megan took over and Carole went back to the arena to school Ellie. Eventually Charlie got too tired to whinny and Ellie jumped several jumps wonderfully. Harley took her up to the barn and Charlie went back into the ring. He jumped several jumps and did great. Then it was off to bed for him and we helped set up the ring for the show on Sunday.

Megan-Charlie2-smSo then came Sunday and the day of the show. We put Charlie into the Green division and had Ellie signed up for the 1’6″ so that they wouldn’t be in the same flat class together… didn’t want that separation melt-down happening again. Charlie rocked the Green division. He won first place in the jumping class and then took Champion for the division. Doesn’t he look handsome and Megan was so happy?!

Harley-EllieBoth Megan and Harley did the Intermediate Division and did great and then Harley took Ellie into the Junior Division. Ellie did great in the flat class and brought home the first place ribbon. In the first over fences class, Ellie was a little freaked out by all the scary jumps and ducked out a couple of times. But in the second over fences class she was still a little bit leery and wanted to head to the in-gate but managed to get over all the fences. Very proud of her and Harley for the great job.

All in all, it was a great day and Megan came home with about 10 ribbons. And, the kids got on the trailer in about 10 minutes total and came home. Bella sure was happy to have them home.

Today we started with trying to separate them for a little bit of time… need to crib the separation anxiety that they seem to go through.

Have a great week everyone!

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