RIP my beloved Shadow

September 19, 2012 – Today is one of the hardest days of my life. Today I said good-bye to my beloved Shadow… the best dog in the world.

Shadow became a part of our family 13 years ago. She was the quiet and shy one in the huge litter of puppies and looked at us as if to say, “please take me home and away from this chaos” :-). I had to have her… she was so beautiful.

She was the best dog ever… never bit anyone in the entire time we owned her; always put up with little kids and small dogs; and even watched over every cat we have owned. When the horses became a part of our family, she just looked at them and said “whatever” and went about her business. Even after a horse fell on her, she still knew that they lived here too and she would just stay clear of them.

Shadow has moved with us (several times) and always found a spot in whichever home she was in that was her spot. She never tried getting up on the furniture… she just knew she was too big and she wasn’t allowed.

Since the day she arrived, Shadow was Megan’s sidekick. She followed Megan everywhere and slept in her room every night. She would even sit by the window every day at around 3:30 and wait for Megan’s school bus to bring her home. She knew the exact time every day.

She would let the kids dress her up and play games with her. She was always so patient and just loved being a part of everything that was going on.

As with most dogs, she let us know whenever someone pulled into the driveway or came up to the door. People would be afraid of the big black dog with the big bark… little did they know that she was the sweetest dog and just wanted you to pet her and pay attention to her… she never even thought about biting anyone.

We have had other pets become part of our family over the years and Shadow always accepted them. They soon learned that she was like the matriarch of the family and they respected that.

During the last several years, Shadow stopped being the playful dog that she was and just preferred to hang out and watch the other dogs and cats play. Eventually, her age started to show as grey hairs became more prominent and her body didn’t move and work the way it used to. But that didn’t stop her from running to the door when someone came or when we came home or when someone left the house (as if to say, “come back here”).

According to the chart at the vet’s office, Shadow was over 97 human years old today. She lived a good long life and I am pretty sure she was very happy being a part of our family.

It was hard to watch her deteriorate over the last year or so. Her back end didn’t work like it used to and she would fall down out of the blue. Her hearing was pretty much gone and her sight was not that great but her sniffer… it still knew when cheese was taken out of the fridge or when steaks were being cooked. Over the last few months, her breathing began to labor and she didn’t always make it outside in time to do her business. But, she was still so beautiful and still a part of our family so I put up with it… she didn’t mean to do it.

This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. I love that dog so much and didn’t want her to die but you could tell that she was not comfortable and was struggling to be the dog we have known for the past 13 years.

We will miss her terribly but you can bet that we will never forget her.

Thank you to my hubby for stepping up and being my rock during this tough time. Apparently I have all the emotions in the family so I am doing enough bawling for all of us. Randy even suggested that we make Shadow a steak dinner last night and boy did she every enjoy it. We had to give some to the other dogs too but she got the most of it. She loved it.

Thank you to the caring people over at Dufferin Veterinary Hospital. They could see how hard this was and they comforted us with their words and actions.

We brought Shadow back home where she belongs and will stay in our hearts and watch over us and the farm. Randy picked the perfect spot to lay her to rest… on the hill in front of the house where I can say good morning to her and where she can see us forever. We will place a cross up there with her and I think I may plant a rose bush or something beautiful beside her.

I love you Shadow and will miss cuddling with you! You were the best dog ever and will forever be in our hearts.

Rest in Peace my beloved girl!

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