IMG_0164-smMay 29, 2011 – This has been a week chalk full of news and, thankfully, most of it is pretty darn good news. Do you ever have one of those days where you sit back and think about everything you have and thank your lucky stars for the fortunate things in life? Well (aside from sounding way too deep here), this has been one of those days. I sit here thinking, “You know.. you are one lucky lady!” A wonderful family that I am proud of; a successful business (actually, a couple of them); great friends; and a beautiful piece of property that, although is in constant need of maintaining, is great to look out the window and see everyday. And of course the animals that are a never ending source of entertainment (and sometimes stress..LOL).

Ok… that’s enough of that! Coming down off my “euphoria box” and back to reality….LOL

DSCN3550-smFirst, I planted a new garden. It’s funny… I have had tiny ones in the past but this time Randy wanted something huge so he tilled up a spot behind the barn and guess who did all the planting? Yup… me! Megan helped me shop for veggies and herbs and also helped plan out how to plant everything. She did get her hands a wee bit dirty doing some planting but Randy… the guy who’s idea it was to make such a huge garden… helped for about 10 minutes and then was gone off towing. Sheesh. As long as he realizes I won’t be doing any weeding! Can’t wait for fresh tomatoes, green beans, cauliflower, cucumbers, radishes, rosemary, chives, onions, basil, etc. etc. And, two rows of carrots just for the horses 🙂

DSCN3967-smSecond… Randy had a little accident involving the tractor and the bridge. LOL He took the tractor to cut his walking path at the back of the property (as he has done many times before) but this time, the bridge had rotted just a little too much and down went the tractor. Thankfully, the bridge broke in the middle so the back of the tractor was still near the bank and we just took his tow truck down to winch it back up on the bank. So now he is building a “nothing will ever break this bridge” bridge with steel beams. I am just glad that it wasn’t a horse walking across it when it decided to break. Stay tuned for more pics as the bridge comes to life.

DSCN3810-smThird, we have a new horse on the property. We had that mare, Cody, that I mentioned a few weeks ago but she didn’t work out. She wasn’t a beginner horse which is what we were looking for for Randy. So, we sold her to a nice family in Hamilton that wanted a horse just like her. Now we have another horse named Luke. So far, he seems to be a good fit. He is a little older than we planned on getting but he is super quiet and Randy has ridden him several times without any problems. He does get a little ansy going alone into the woods but we plan to take him out with one of the other horses just to show him that it isn’t a scary place.

DSCN3882-smFourth and the biggest news… Megan competed in her first Trillium show on the 28th at Palgrave. She went in the .75 meter jumpers and rocked it. Placed 6th in both classes (of 17 competitors in one class and 21 in the second class). We were a little worried at first as he was a little jumpy when he got off the trailer and on the way to the ring but Greg rode him around in the warm up ring to tire him out a bit and Carole reassured Megan that everything would be fine. Then Megan got up on him in the warm-up and within a couple of minutes, she was smiling as she realized that Buddy had calmed down and was ready to go.

When she and Buddy got into the Grand Prix ring (which by the way was so cool to see her ride in… felt like she was riding at Spruce Meadows or something…LOL), it was all business. Buddy knew what he had to do and even went over a liverpool without blinking an eye.

DSCN3890-smI, to say the least, was and still am just giddy with pride …LOL I even had tears in my eyes as I watched her walk out of the ring after her first class. She was beaming from ear to ear and so was Buddy…LOL  I am so proud of both of them and thank you to Greg & Tash at Sher-Al Farm for everything they have done for Megan. And of course, a special thank you to Carole who is Megan’s rock! She not only has been the person who coached Megan for the last 3 years, she is also the one person who can calm any show jitters and make Megan feel like everything will be okay. It was a great team effort all the way around.

And that’s the latest new from our neck of the woods. The nicer weather means more things will be getting done and happening around here and we are super excited for all of that and, of course, for the show season.

See you next time!

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