equinedesignFor every business, including those that are in the equine industry, a website is a must have when it comes to your marketing efforts. What to include on your equine website depends on what you are selling and to whom. Your product or service along with who your target market is will play a huge role in deciding what to include on your website.  However, if you are new to having a website and don’t have any idea what to include, the following are ideas for your equine website.

Standard pages:

There are generally 2-5 basic, standard pages that most websites include…

Home — About Us — Links — Contact — Services or Products

Other pages to be considered are:

News & Events — Staff — Association Memberships — Quotation — Testimonials —
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Optional website features:

Photo Gallery — Videos and other media — Forums — Classified Ads — Directory

Equine specific pages:

Stud  & Broodmare Farms & Horse Sales:

Our Mares, Our Foals & Our Stallions — Our Breeding Program

Lesson, Training & Racing Stables, and Boarding Facilities:

Our Horses — Our Facility — Coaches — Rates

Farriers, Equine Dentists & Veterinarians, Massage Therapists, Trainers, Coaches, etc:

Rates — Qualifications

Horse Transportation:

Our Truck(s) & Trailer(s) — Service Area — Rates or Quote

Equine Photography & other Equine Designers

Photo Gallery/Portfolio — Copyright Info — Purchase Information — Order Form

Recreational Riding, Vacations, Dude Ranches & Camps

Our Horses — Our Facility — Accommodations — Rates

Other Service Businesses (ie. Saddle Fitting, Blanket Repairs, Clipping, Equine Insurance, Competition Venues, Realtors, Organizations, Associations & Equine Publications)

Services — Photo Gallery — Rates — Location, etc. It all depends on your business and your target market.

Other Sales Businesses (ie.Tack Shops, Feed Stores, Equine Gifts, Trailer Sales, Jumps, Farm Equipment, Farm Structures, Fencing & Hay Sales)

Photos, descriptions, pricing, available sizes and colours, shipping costs, and the standard pages (Home, About, Links, Contact, etc.)

Janice Byer is horse lover, rider and owner of Equine Web Design in Orangeville, Ontario, and has been designing websites for small businesses, including equine businesses, for over 15 years. Be sure to check out her blog, Diary of a Horse Mom on her farm website at http://www.shadyridgefarm.ca/blog and her Web Design Portfolio at http://www.equinewebdesign.ca where you can also pick up a detailed ebook outlining what you should include on your equine website.

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