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Buddy is an awesome horse! When we got him, he was only under saddle for about a year so Megan has been working with him for the last two years and now he is ready to be a wonderful show horse from some lucky rider. Read the rest of this entry »

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest web design…

Emma Tilson – Coaching & Training for all disciplines
Serving Guelph, Kitchener, Milton and surrounding areas


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EllieApril 6, 2011 – Well… I have really been slacking on updating my blog… shame on me. And I keep saying I will try to be more diligent  about updating and then it doesn’t happen. Life just gets in the way, I guess. So, I have come to the conclusion that trying to update this blog on a regular schedule will probably not be possible especially now the warmer weather is slowly happening and we spend more time outside with the horses. If you aren’t already a subscriber to this blog and just come by to see what’s new, you may want to subscribe so you are notified when something new is posted. Read the rest of this entry »

DSCN5795-smFebruary 10, 2011 – Wow… I just realized it has been weeks since I have done an update on my blog. I am sooo sorry about that. I have just been so slammed with work and life in general. I did write a blog post a couple of weeks ago but I never published it. It was basically outlining a health issue that I am faced with right now (don’t worry… not life threatening) but then I decided that I didn’t need to burden anyone with that so it is sitting in my draft folder for now. Perhaps I will share one day but for right now, I will just hold off and only share the usual updates on the horses and other things that are on the go. Read the rest of this entry »

profileSOLD – Charlie is a 6 yr old registered TB chestnut gelding that stands 15.3h. He is a lovely mover with a stunning canter and cute jump. Currently schooling over 2’6″ fences and has free jumped 3’3″. He didn’t do much for the first 5 years of his life but has been working consistently for the last year and a half (since we bought him) and is coming along beautifully. Charlie started his show career this past summer and attended several hunter schooling shows where he made us very proud. Each show he becomes less and less intimidated by everything that is going on and knows what he is there for as soon as he steps into the sand ring. It was great to hang up his first ribbons of his career after each show. Read the rest of this entry »

Writing this blog, as most of you know, is my way of sharing what is happening around our farm and in our horsie lives with others who can absolutely relate. I love to write and with so many great horses and friends & family members in my life, what better subject is there to write about? I am very open about what is happening around here, whether good or bad, and I imagine that is what makes this blog so successful and why people feel like they are here with us when they are reading Diary (or sometimes referred to as ramblings) of a Horse Mom. I also like to share other helpful articles and blog posts that would be beneficial to my readers. It is all a labour of love and I am just happy that I people are actually reading and enjoying it!

2010 Top 45 Diaries Blog Award Winner Well, imagine my surprise today when I got back from a nice lunch with hubby (thanks dear  :-)) and read my emails to find one that is informing me that I won a 2010 Top 45 Diaries Blog Award. Woohoo! So excited and appreciative to Awarding the Web for this awesome recognition and honour! I am humbled and giddy 🙂

And thank you to my readers for the nomination! You rock!

Everyone in Canada, especially in Ontario and BC, is aware (unless you have been living under a rock) that effective July 1, 2010, the taxes will be harmonized into 1 tax and must be reflected that way in our books. For those that have always sold products and charged PST, it may be just a matter of combining them into one tax. However, for those that only charged GST in the past, they will have to now charge the equivalent of the PST combined with the GST to make up the HST (I know… totally confusing and some would argue, absolutely unnecessary).

But… did you know that there is a transition period where some will have to start charging HST effective May 1st if they plan to deliver after July 1st? (still more confusion). Read the rest of this entry »

(Download a free 18-page ebook explaining further what to include on your equine site and how much it will cost at

equinedesignFor every business, including those that are in the equine industry, a website is a must have when it comes to your marketing efforts. What to include on your equine website depends on what you are selling and to whom. Your product or service along with who your target market is will play a huge role in deciding what to include on your website. However, if you are new to having a website and don’t have any idea what to include, the following are ideas for your equine website. Read the rest of this entry »